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My name is Chris Hampson, I'm a systems developer specialising in automation relating to verification HW (Emulators, FPGA systems). I enjoy the challenges presented making these pieces of exotic hardware more usable, more useful and the use of them more efficient.


What I've been up to

For well over a decade I've been working at ARM Ltd in Cambridge, UK. I've worked as a verification infrastructure engineer building and maintaining automation infrastructure for the in-house verification hardware. Automation workflows, scheduling mechanisms, and metric gathering solutions.

What's next?

Watch this space

I've recently accepted a position at Apple as a DV CAD/Emulation Infrastructure Support. I'm looking forward to bringing my skillset to this new position and seeing what challenges I can find there.


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My name is chris and the domain is I'm sure can figure this one out...

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Interesting Projects


Other Interests

Other Interests

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Home-brewing, and automating/monitoring my brewing with home-made monitoring/sensor modules
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Arduino/Raspberry Pi Projects
Workking with my eldest son to build little robots and games with microcontrollers and motors
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Playing with my kids
Just messing around and being a Dad
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Necromunda/Games Workship
Playing Necromunda and other Games Workshop games with my eldest